Kevan Abrahams (D) is serving his fourth term as a Nassau County Legislator in the 1st Legislative District, after decisively winning his seat with a resounding victory. When first elected in 2002, Abrahams was the youngest legislator ever elected to the Nassau County Legislature.

Since his election in 2002, Legislator Abrahams has made the needs of his communities his top priority, in particular highlighting problems regarding the stabilization of property taxes, addressing healthcare stabilization, funding for after-school programs, gangs and gang violence.

During each and every budget process during his tenure, Legislator Abrahams has led the way to restore funding to social service, youth, community health and senior programs. Most recently, Abrahams has proposed a local law that would restrict registered sex offenders from living near schools and parks or playgrounds. The proposed law would give Nassau County one of the strictest sex offender laws on the books in the entire state.

“This law will ensure that the county’s vulnerable children are not victimized by repeat sex offenders,” said Legislator Abrahams, sponsor of the law. “Up until now registered sex offenders could be released from jail and move right next to a school or park, even if their original crime was committed at a similar site.”

He was a leader in securing a $50 million environmental bond in 2005 and a $100 million environmental bond approved by the voters in 2006. These two bonds provide funds to preserve the few open spaces left in Nassau County, and will ensure that future generations have natural areas to explore.

Among his top priorities, Abrahams counts quality of life and child care issues. He was instrumental in the passage of Tobacco 19, a local law that raised the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 19 in an effort to keep cigarettes off high school campuses.

Because of his commitment to quality-of-life and child care issues, Abrahams sponsored the nationally-recognized Social Host Law. The legislation makes it possible for party hosts to be prosecuted if alcohol is found to be consumed by underage guests. It closes a loophole in the law and sends a clear message to adults that allowing underage youth to consume alcohol is not acceptable and it’s against the law. Social Host legislation has also been proven effective at reducing teen drinking in other municipalities.

The legislator also recently approved a “living wage” law that will increase wages for workers contracted by the county to $9.50, starting in 2007. Increases will follow in 2008 to $10.50 an hour and rising up to $12.50 an hour in 2010. Supporters of the law included many labor groups representing home health care workers, and the Long Island Progressive Coalition. The bill was signed into law on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2006.

LD 1 Map

Abrahams was also instrumental in the passing of a bill providing a partial tax exemption for qualified first-time homebuyers in Nassau County. The bill will provide a break on property tax bills for the first five years.

The legislator also voiced his support for a bill aimed at warning consumers of the adult, and often violent, content of certain video games.

For five straight years, the Legislature approved a “no tax increase” budget for Nassau county taxpayers, and added belt-tightening measures for county departments while funding programs that benefit the County’s neediest residents.

A dynamic, compassionate and forward-thinking young lawmaker, Abrahams was named as one of Ebony Magazine’s (February 2004 Edition) “30 Leaders who are 30 and Under.”

Abrahams, a life-long resident of Hempstead, joined the County Legislature staff as Deputy Finance Director in 2000, eventually moving up to the position of Finance Director. He brings with him a wealth of government experience and has served as a legislative assistant and Deputy District Director for Congressman Floyd H. Flake and as a District Representative for Carolyn McCarthy. Abrahams also worked in the private sector as a Financial Analyst for Astoria Federal Savings Bank. Abrahams holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science from Queens College and also attended Baruch College's MBA Program.

Abrahams, a resident of Hempstead, serves as the Legislature’s Deputy Presiding Officer, vice chair of Rules Committee and a member of the Economic & Community Development and Labor, Government Services and Operations, Public Safety, Education, Planning and Minority Affairs committees.

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