Women Issues

I strongly believe and support the issues that confront women on a daily basis. It is with that belief that we must knock down the doors of inquality that confront women in education, employment, health, etc. Below are a few or many areas we need to address as we continue to confront the issues that face women.

Working to Increase Career Opportunities. Career opportunities develop when we create more educational opportunities. Its unfortunate but many young women don’t get the proper guidance while in high school regarding their educational opportunities. Once we knock those barriers we need to ensure the job opportunities that exist women have fair chance to receive.

Contributing to the Fight Against Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer has devasted so many families throughout United States. Without a cure in sight more and more families will fall victim to having someone in their family fall victim to this disease. We need to allocate resources to research but at the same time to support services for those going through this difficult time.

Ending Coercion and Sexual Harassment.  

Defending Reproductive Freedoms. I support a women’s right to choose. I believe that we should continue to foster the decision of Roe vs Wade. However on a parallel issue I am concern with the level of teenage pregnancy. As we preserve a women’s right to choose its also important to prevent as many unwanted pregancies as possible. We need to work with our community based organizations to ensure our young population have the resources they need to make the right decisions.