Air/ Water quality and Land preservation are factors to every single person’s overall health. Poor air quality could be caused be several factors such as auto, bus, and truck emissions, industrial pollution and weather. Air quality throughout the nation is bad, but in Nassau and Suffolk counties we are supposedly better by Environmental Protection Agency standards. According to the EPA, their index monitors several health pollutants and grade each day as Good, Moderate, Unhealthy for Senisitive Groups, Unhealthy, Very Unhealthy or Hazardous. Nassau and Suffolk receive a good rating because two out of every 3 days we meet the “Good” standard.

Clean water is vital not only for safe drinking water but also fishing, recreation, and natural beauty.

Land preservation is important on Long Island many reasons but none more important than it protects the drinking water, provides critical habitat for wildlife, ensures the viability of the farming industry, and helps to maintain a strong tourism sector.