The viability of the economy is define in many ways by economist and experts but it really means to you the taxpayer is; Will have my job in the years to come? Will I be able to afford to live here? Will my children afford to live here? Will my pension investment be strong when I decide to retire? These are only a few questions Americans asked themselves every day was we see the value of homes decrease and the unemployment rate decrease.

Foreclosures on American homes continue at an unprecedented rate. Home sales are at their lowest rate since 1999, to the tune of more than two million homes sitting vacant throughout the country. American families are struggling in an economy where salaries and wages can no longer cover the expanse between income and debt. In addition to homes and insurance, this economy spells a future of growing unemployment.


It is very important for us to grow our local economy and create long lasting sustainable jobs for our region. Its not only important to create any job, but ones that will commensurate a salary to go with the cost of living here on Long Island as well as throughout this country.

Every region of the Country will be different but basic concept is to develop jobs and industry that is viable for your area. We have to be innovative to ensure any business opportunities that are created should be able to sustain itself. Small businesses and firms are growing as more and more individuals are starting their own business. We should encourage this growth and provide more opportunities to those that will create opportunities for some of our residents. While this good we can stop here. We need to make sure we stay on the forefront of our changing world and should be looking to community based organizations, universities and colleges, and small firms to do research and development worldwide to make as the job markets evolve we evolve with it.


Conceptually the more businesses and commercial development our municipalities have within it the less resources need to come from the local taxpayer. However more businesses are finding harder and harder to compete on Long Island. More and more of our young people (18-34) are leaving Long Island to go to college and they are not coming back. Many who are older are attempting to come back but when they are faced with high property taxes, unaffordable homes, and a declining job market they decide to leave. Many call it the young brain drain. Many of these young people will go on to the future doctors, scientist, and etc for this country. Nassau County has some of the best local schools in the country and as we invest that education in our young people between the grades of K-12 we are not seeing a return on that investment.

We have to make our downtowns more attractive to our young families. Affordable housing is a start, but it also includes attracting job opportunities to our hubs, keeping crime low, and enhancing our transportation systems.


Growth presents a tremendous opportunity for progress. Communities around the country are looking for ways to get the most out of new development and to maximize their investments. Frustrated by development that requires residents to drive long distances between workplaces, homes, and services closer together. Many communities are questioning the fiscal wisdom of neglecting existing infrastructure while expanding new sewers, roads, and life, the economy and the environment, smart growth principles have been key to that success.

Together we can grow our communities intelligently. Incorporating smart growth principles such as mixed land uses, walkable neighborhoods, provide transportation options, and at the same time it encourages community and stakeholders to collaborate in development decision.