Legislator Kevan Abrahams understands the challenges our seniors face and believes that we must do more to honor our solemn commitment to our greatest generation. Today, seniors pay more for prescription drugs than ever before; Federal legislation needs to be implemented to bring more generic prescription drugs to pharmacies as quickly as possible. Social Security always appears to be on the chopping block. Finally local property taxes are going up and most seniors that are on fixed incomes can not afford the increases. New York and other U.S. States are becoming financially undesirable to reside. Nassau County has the highest cost of living (per capita) in the State and one the highest in country. More and more seniors are moving to southern and western regions of the country to provide a minimal living for themselves. This is wrong! Why should seniors suffer?

At a minimum we should be trying to:

  • Lower prescription drugs for seniors through Medicare
  • Protect Social Security
  • Lower the school tax burden by providing more state aid
  • Provide transportation for quality health care
  • Ensure funding for Long Term Care facilities (Assisted Living Centers)